I Am At A 5 On Scale Of 1-10 Essays

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Patients get enough relief after taking their DMARDs to think it is working well, and they they feel significantly better than when they don’t take it.
The meds don’t last the full 7 days. I can feel good up until day 4. By the end, I’m in pain again – RA, NYC
Since I’ve started treatment, there’s a huge difference in how I feel. There’s a difference between good and bad days. Before, there were more bad days – RA, NYC
There’s a huge difference between me now on medication and before I started taking anything. I feel bad now, but before was unbearable – RA, Dallas
Before, I could not put on my underwear. I can do that now. So my medication is working – PSA, Chi
I’m at a 5 on scale of 1-10 – PsA, Chi
For most, there is an assumption that their current DMARD is also helping protect from joint damage.
I think of it as maintenance. It isn’t going to cure me, but it will help me maintain the quality of life that I have right now – RA, NYC
It is preventing joint damage. It’s called disease modifying – RA, NYC
I think my current medication is protecting against future damage. I think my doctor said that – RA, Dallas
Since they believe their current medication is doing enough and that it treats joint damage, it’s easy to avoid stepping up to a more aggressive treatment.
I wouldn’t say my medication is great. I’m not satisfied. It just masks the disease tolerable. I think about how bad it could be without it – PsA, Chi
Sometimes I don’t think about the pain. I just have to get…

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