I Am An Argumentative Person Essay

1041 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
English is a topic that many children around the world study. Within an English class, you can learn any number of things ranging from essay formatting to poetry analyzing. This year in English, I have learned about three very important things; debate, essays, and the Hero’s Journey. Debate is defined as a formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers, meaning that it takes place in a very professional setting. This was a significant topic for me to learn about because I am an argumentative person by nature, but I am not very adept at explaining my reasons for disagreeing. Before learning how to put together an entire argument for a resolution, I would typically end up frustrated and angry with whoever I was opposing, but now that I have that bit of experience I am able to keep my composure in an exchange. I now know that it isn’t about how good their argument is, or about who can throw out the most facts, but that it 's about my argument being well put-together with supporting information to back it up. I also now know that the other side’s contentions are significant to my arguments and points. You can 't win an argument without listening to the other side’s ideas, because you will have to think about what they are saying and what their words mean in order to go against their topics and beliefs. Above all else, I’ve learned to look at everything objectively, rather than by putting too many of my emotions…

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