I Am An Advocate For My Presentation Essay

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As our group read about our assigned ideology and prepared for our presentation, I began to realize that each teacher will have their own way of looking at the world and, as such, their ideology will transmit through their pedagogical practices. My major is social studies, and when I look at the program of studies for social studies, for me, the objectives and outcomes seem to reflect those of a social re-constructivist. It is my belief that educating all people and especially children will help to create change in the world and “reconstruct” the ills in society. As I have written in some of my other blogs: “the world needs to have more compassion, kindness and forgiveness”. It is my personal belief that a tremendous amount of social problems could be corrected through the obliteration of ignorance and subsequently, its byproduct: social inequality. For me, the obliteration of ignorance starts with children, I believe a strong foundation makes for a sturdy home. I am an advocate for bottom up approaches. Keeping the latter in mind, I find it interesting that my ideology survey revealed that the area I scored the highest on was not “reconstructionism” but, the learning centered ideology, and I scored the lowest on the social re-constructionism!

I found that the learning centered ideology was the most impactful in both citizenship and water as topics. It appeared that most of my peers responded well to the kinesthetic enhancements the learning centered groups offered. The…

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