I Am All About Me, And I Must State From The Very Beginning I Don 't Do

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This essay is supposed to be all about me, and I must state from the very beginning I don’t do well talking about myself. To be completely truthful, I tend to cry almost every time I have to write anything about myself. My parents have always motivated me, as I sit there and cry, telling me that I can do it. It would seem rather odd if I didn’t start this by talking about my family. My parents have always been there to help and support me in anything and everything I have ever put my mind to. However, there came a day when they could no longer help me with homework and they left it up to my brother to help me. Big mistake. My brother, Devin, is extremely smart and loves to help other people understand their homework. However, when it comes to helping his little sister, not so much. Once I asked for help with economics homework and was told to get a textbook out of his room. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good brother he just likes to make me work harder to figure anything out. When I think about going from my past to my current life, school is always what comes to mind. Maybe because that is all my life has consisted of for the past thirteen years, or maybe because I always enjoyed school. In elementary school, I met one of my best friends, Olivia, whom is still my best friend to this day. We can go months without talking to one another, but it’s as if nothing ever changed. I had lots of friends throughout elementary school and life was great. Then it came time for middle…

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