Essay on I Am About Last Night

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All I remember was waking out on a Thursday morning to Nurses asking me about last night. Not about my night, but about my friend Nolan’s. I looked around and realize that I was lying down in my bed, but in a hospital bed. Apparently Nolan and I both got rushed to the hospital for Alcohol poisoning. It was about 5 am when I realized all of this was going on, and the hospital wouldn’t let me sign myself out till 6 because my B.A.C. was still too high. I was curious to see why they were so interested in Nolan, and asking me so many questions about him. The nurse looks at me and says, “your friend is in critical condition and we need your help.” As soon as she said that, my heart dropped and all I wanted to do was go see him. I started ripping out the IV, and all the other wires attached me. At that point I didn’t care that I had to wait two more hours till I could sign myself out. I had to see my friend, and I wasn’t going to stop till I saw him. No matter how hard I tried they wouldn’t let leave till 6, so finally after an hour of impatiently waiting, I run up to the ICU in my hospital gown to see Nolan. When I reached the ICU I saw my Pledge Master, “Hankins” and at the time his fraternity Big brother. I asked them to explain the events from last night and how all this occurred. I knew it bad when my Pledge Master started crying, He was one of the toughest guys I knew, he barely smiled, so it meant a lot to see him cry. It all started the night before at one of my pledge…

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