I Am A Year Old Female Essay

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I’m a 15 year old female, who’s was born in Lafayette Louisiana on March 21, 2000. I have lived in Lafayette my whole life i hardly know how it feels to live anywhere else. I wouldn’t say i have the life that everyone wants because my life isn’t even close to perfect. I’m just thankful that i have my mother and father in it. My mother and father aren’t together so i had to go back and forth when i was younger. As I think about the past my mom really struggled the most and she still is.

As i’m get older i’m realizing how my parents aren’t doing as much for me as they use to. I want to think that it is because I am almost old enough for a job and they want me to start providing for myself but my opinion is that they just don’t want to or they are struggling. I am very thankful for my sister I love her so much for being in my life and providing the most for me. She is only 19 and has her own house and car she also has a son I think he is her motivation to work hard. I live with her now my mom says it’s so I can stay out of trouble but everyone know i’m a quiet person I think it’s because she didn’t like my friend i would hang with but at the time my friend wasn’t really a bad influence.

I 've always wanted to live with my sister scene before she got her own apartment, so I wasn 't really mad that I had to move with her I was just hurt. I was hurt because I never thought my mom would just send me off like that. I really didn’t understand because I would always ask if I could…

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