Essay on I Am A Rainy Day

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It was a rainy day.. Rain was dropping into the ground from sky…. I was walking on the side of the road with no proper shoes but had simple camera and old map where I can find my way to my new home. I feel proud that I was unique, i 'm unique and will be unique. I can walk while others are driving.. I can’t drive, will not drive simply because I am not that poor because I am rich.. It sound funny to say that I am rich, isn’t it? A man with bad shoes, simple camera and mobile and probably have some money to survive.. Money wasn’t problem due to nature: water,air, crops and trees, but I was still rich… Sometime I ask myself why there are few rich people like me… The rainy days, walking into unknown places were popular and famous to me and other richer people like me.. I was on the side of road someone was driving on the road as always.. When that person comes close to me drive faster.. I was full of rain water, but do nothing, simply because that person wasn’t rich as me.. That person wasn’t like me who was born with great title Refugee, where the king is selling lies to be rich… Lie that his citizen were happy and country is the world 's happiest place on the Earth.. Lie to become rich, but still I was richer than him and wherever I go I help/talk to those who are richer like me. You might call me crazy, but I was already that crazy who can’t beat me and can’t be topper then me because I am the rich..
I was the richer man that feel happy when he don’t have food to…

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