I Am A Professor Acting Essay

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“Well, well, well; if it isn’t the yin-yang couple,” Mrs. Sorun cheered in a happy tone as we walked inside her classroom together. I had asked Tre for a ride to class since it was raining, but knowing her she wouldn’t believe that story. “I heard Tre met your parents. How did it go?”
“It went well,” I responded, taking my usual seat between him and Tia.
“I also heard you spent the night at her house. Tre, are you by any chance, cheating on me?”
“How are you getting your information?” Tre barked, furiously glaring at her. “Who are your sources? Tell me!”
“That’s a secret,” she smirked, winking at him.
“I wonder how’d you manage to become a professor acting like this.”
“I only act this way towards this class and more specifically, you. So…” She walked over and sat on the table in front of him. “I think you should give me a little reward in return for allowing you to have such freedom,” she seductively whispered.
“I’ll give you a little reward, alright. Here’s some advice. Get off my table, march back to your desk, think of an assignment to give us and leave me alone before somebody walks in and tells your boss you’re trying to seduce your student.”
“Harsh, yet caring. You’re an interesting person, Tre.”
“And you’re a poor excuse for a professor!” he snapped, shooing her away. “Teach something for once in your life!”
“I can teach you all about the female body,” she grinned, leaning in closer to him. “I don’t mind using mine as a real life test subject.”
“Yeah, I’ll…

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