Essay about I Am A Person For A Friend

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First of all I hope you’re well and everything is going just the way you hoped it would. You’re probably wondering what it is I want from you… but the truth is there is nothing I want from you nor need you for. I know in the past it may have seemed as though that I only ever wanted your friendship because I needed something or someone at the time. Basically, the reason why I am writing you today, not that I have not wanted to contact you for a while, is because in about a month I will be moving to Chicago. Now, you’re probably wondering why the fuck you should care that I’m moving….and I’m not asking you to care. I am doing this for my own piece of mind – not expecting you to care. I have been thinking about our friendship and you as a person for the last 2 years or so. I’ve spent a great amount of time reflecting on the time we have spent together and how great of a friend you were to me. You have to know Morgan, that I was a very troubled individual while we were friends. Unfortunately, I was not able to pin point exactly what was troubling me, and why I did and said the things I did during that time period in general. However, after several unfortunate things that happened to me after we parted ways I was able to figuring out who I was, why I am the way I am, and what I can do to change some of the negative things about myself and the negative things and people in my life. Mind you that I was not able to do this on my own. I was more or less forced to go see a…

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