I Am A Man Like Him Essay

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He invited me to go back inside and sit at my table and I couldn 't reject him. We took our seats and I became so uncomfortable because we were the center of everyone 's attention. He ordered more champagne for me and we continued with our conversation. We talked about so many things regarding the company and our careers, but deep inside, I was curious to know his frustrations and why would a man like him would be dating a woman if he had other interests, I really wanted to know but I didn 't have the courage to ask him.
I became tensed as he took my hand again, he seemed not to care about the people around us; even if his family was watching us, and I couldn 't reject his touch because I really liked him a lot. However, I felt bad because he 's engaged to marry and perhaps he only wishes to play with me. He noticed my uneasiness and he took his hand away from mines.

"I 'm sorry I didn 't mean to make you uncomfortable with my touch. I promise that it won 't happen again... I... I really like you so much that I don 't care if everyone is watching us."

"Don 't be so sorry, I do like you touch, but it really affects me when everyone is watching us. They all know that you 're engage to marry and I feel like a tramp."

"Oh, please don 't say that, you could never be a tramp to me. I know we just met, but I want us to start something beautiful and positive for our lives. Michael, give me three days and I 'll be free from compromises, I beg you..." I rose from my seat as well as…

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