I Am A Great Man Essay

2127 Words Jun 7th, 2016 null Page
Before she died, you were a great man. When I was fifteen and we lived in our three-bedroom home in Waterford, Michigan, I thought of you as a perfect father. You were so thoughtful and loving. You were a true family man. But then, March 13th 2013 came and the father I knew and loved completely changed to a whole new man.

On a snowy night in 2012 my sister came home from college for Christmas break. As usual, you rejoiced at her presence and hugged her with a grin knowing that our house was full again. Our house was always rich with meals because of your cooking but that night you made an extra lavish dinner. After working at the hospital all day, you made crispy pan seared salmon with a red wine reduction, tender T-bone steak grilled to a perfect medium-rare, oven roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes that had an aroma that made my mouth water like a dog, and sweet caramelized onions that could have been served as dessert. That night, we all left the dinner table fifteen pounds heavier with a soft smile on our faces.
After dinner, you, my sister, Mom, and I sat in the living room. We were talking about how my sister was graduating the upcoming May and how she got a great job right out of college. You told her how proud of her you were. As we were all talking, I was texting my friend. You told me to put my phone away because it was family time. I didn’t understand what the big deal was so I didn’t listen. When you saw me focused on my cell phone screen, you told me…

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