Essay on I Am A Great Day

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As I wake up to the ringing of my alarm, a smile grows on my face. I get out of bed and follow my daily routine: turn on the shower and brush my teeth while I wait for the water to warm up. Today is going to be a great day. Luis is picking me up in about two hours, which is perfect because it gives me time to get ready. We plan to eat brunch and see where the day takes us.
I decide to wash my hair before lazily skimming a razor over my legs and underarms. Turning off the shower, I dry myself and put the towel around my body, securing it tightly with a knot at the front, and head to my room to start on my makeup.
My phone alerts me that I have a new text message.
Hey beautiful, you up?
He always calls me beautiful. I remember asking Sara once if he ever gave her a nickname or called her beautiful, but according to her, Luis never did. This makes me feel special. This is also how I know I am different to him. More.
Yes, getting ready for today. You?
I apply some moisturizer on my face and mascara for my eyelashes. Another text from Luis.
Same. I 'll be there in a few. We still going to brunch, right? I 'm starving.
I decide to wait a few minutes before answering back. I don 't want him to think I am desperate. Let him sweat it out a little. I finish with my makeup and grab my cell.
Yes lol. Can 't wait.
Cool. I 'll text you when I am on my way.
I need to figure out what to wear, I think to myself as I stand in the closet looking for just the right clothes. I mean, I have…

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