Essay I Am A Friend Of Mine

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“You’re the smartest person I know,” remarked a friend of mine recently. A former college professor expressed the same sentiments a few years ago when he applauded me as “probably the brightest student we’ve had come through the Cell and Molecular Biology program.” Joining these two are the numerous other friends and teachers over the years who have encouraged me to maximize, not squander, the special mind that I have been given.

For most of my life, I have failed to listen to this wise counsel and have used my unique intelligence only to make my life as easy as possible. During high school, I took pride that I never needed to study or complete homework outside class. Rather than enroll in more challenging classes, I was content with a light course load which would guarantee me hours upon hours of leisure after the final period bell. Later, I would coast through my freshman year at Missouri State University (MSU) and remain unconcerned as my grades suffered from neglect. Instead of fostering my God-given mind through study, I chose a life of sleeping in, fraternity parties, and deferred responsibilities. I believed that my intellect was given primarily for my own benefit and recognized only the consequences my poor decisions produced in my life.

However, this belief soon changed when the material I was learning in my classes allowed me to have a positive impact on others. During the summer of my freshman year, I enrolled in an introductory horseback riding class and…

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