I Am A Creative Writing Course At The University Of South Florida

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I took a creative writing course at the university of South Florida. The only reason I contemplated staying was a sexy Co-Ed I shared the textbook with. I thought to myself what could they teach me about writing. I became disinterested and decided to see what my fraternity brothers were doing instead in the land of Disney and three o’clock thunderstorm. Fast-forward ten years in the future. I decided to buckle down and become a writer – officially. I had been writing screenplays unsuccessfully in Los Angeles but had been writing short stories on the side as a warm up. I had started writing short stories a year before as a purging for the failures from my Hollywood experience. I thought they were good which was the greatest lessoned on the quest to be a writer – belief. I thought they were good. Yes I had heard writing was a difficult undertaking and few ever got published. I didn’t let that impede me from my journey.
I wrote in a coffeehouse in Van Nuys on Victory and Oxnard. The café had an Italian feel as though it was ripped from the ancient streets of Rome and places in the San Fernando Valley. It was a place writer both screen and literary hung out and typed while sipping over priced medium roast with a view of Victory blvd and transient population which strolled her gum covered sidewalks during ninety degree afternoons.
I worked on my stories constantly. With ever sentence it seemed as though a piece of my past was free. I felt my stories where getting better and I was…

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