I Am A Class This Spring Semester Essay

1963 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
Being in this class this spring semester has given me a much more broad perspective on the lives of people who are living in poverty. Before this class I had not known many of the statistics that we have been learning in class, about not only poverty, but also of the ethnic minorities and or caucasian people living in it. This class taught me about the different kinds of poverty, the different people in it, and how we as the people can do something about it.

Before I had this class I had already known that many americans were living in poverty. I have friends who are living in it and I even have family living in poverty, so I knew it was real I just never knew why it was like this. This class taught me that so many americans are in poverty due to the horrible system that is set up for the people who need it, a system that is failing them. Many people like to put blame on the person, flawed character, but from all of the information I have seen this is just not the case when it comes to the majority. Many americans struggle to find jobs due to a lack of education and other resources that normally get people to succeed in life. When people are restricted like this it almost certainly ends with them continuing the cycle of little education, little job opportunities, and little money to spend on things they need. Another reason why so many americans are in poverty are due to criminal records. After someone pays their debt to society it is almost guaranteed they will never…

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