I Am A Biological Parent Essay

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I believe anyone can be a biological parent but not any everyone can be a dad or a mom. My mother became a wife at the age of 16, she became a mother at the age of 17. Becoming a wife and a mother at a very young age stopped her from doing many things in my mom 's case she wasn 't able to keep studying because she needed to raise my older sister, and she had to stay home while my father came to the states to make money. My mom couldn’t go out with her friends because now she had a baby to take care of, she couldn 't go out on adventures and see the world, visit new places, meet new people because now my mom had the responsibility of carrying a child wherever it was that she went.
Nine months after my father had left to the states so did my mom. The plan was to just stay one year make money and go back to Mexico so they thought the best thing to do was leave my older sister with my grandfather. Things didn’t go as planned because obviously I came along in that “ one year “ they would be staying in the states. Soon enough 4 years had passed and my youngest sister came into the picture. We had a good life a beautiful home in Streamwood I had a beautiful playground and probably the best friends a 4 year old could possibly have. But one day things got hard, My grandfather was dying my father wanted to go to Mexico to say his final goodbyes to his dad to see him one last time. My father was planning to come back home to us this time with my sister, But after 3 unsuccessful tries…

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