I Am A Big Fan

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Math was painstakingly boring while I was bouncing with excitement and anxiety because I couldn 't wait to talk to Mark.

We got homework right before the ball rang and when it did, Mark walks right behind me and waits for me to put my stuff in my back pack. "Ready to go?" He asks just to make sure and I stand up, nodding in response. "Okay cool. Let 's go get lunch and talk to the coach- uh, Mr. Bearties," He laughs to himself "I am not good with names sometimes, probably because his name sounds a lot like birdies?"

Mark goes into deep thought and I couldn 't help but to chuckle. I like him, he is sure a character.

"So anyways," He shouts abruptly then reddens "To tell you the truth, I am a big fan of yours. The way you dive and do your flips is insane! So when I saw you, I died because I needed a partner because we don 't have much divers and also, because I know how skilled you are," He stops and glances at me "It 's an honor really, to be able to be your partner and to meet you, like wow! A lot of people see you as a celebrity."

I stare at him utterly speechless. Just knowing that a male actually likes me is hard for me to wrap my head around because all of the guys usually don 't favor me.

Mark puts his hand on his forehead and laughs, feeling awkward. "Sorry, that must have been really weird." I react quickly, waving my hands to clear the mist of misconception between us. "No, no! It 's okay. I 'm just not used to such praise."

Mark looks genuinely shocked

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