Hypermedia Marketing Essay

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This article discusses and evaluates the role of marketing concerning hypermedia computer-mediated environments (CMEs). The authors of this article employ an approach that considers hypermedia marketing as being large-scale or global networked environments. In this regard, the World Wide Web (WWW), which can be accessible by people around the world, is the initial start of global marketing in addition the present global implementation of this concept. Marketers are consequently introduced to the new revolutionary medium because it is widely spread nowadays. In addition to that, the authors of this article proceed their approach to study the impact of consumer behaviors as consequence of hypermedia marketing strategies which bring forward a consumer navigation behavior model in CME that encompasses the assertion of flow. …show more content…
"The Internet for the rest of us: marketing on the World Wide Web." Journal of consumer marketing 13.2 (1996): 36-47. The author of this paper focuses majorly on the World Wide Web (WWW) as an essential medium that can be effectively used in marketing. Based on this article, the Internet is relatively new tool introduced to the hypermedia as marketing. The author supports his arguments by giving examples of different cases and discusses the different aspects arise behind those cases. The papers also address different mechanisms that one can access and collect information from the Internet for marketing purposes. It also discusses the significance of the Internet in marketing compared to other hypermedia mediums; especially that information can be widespread to huge amount of individuals. The author highlights how the recent use of internet has been of help for both the marketers and the consumers due to the ease of information access on the World Wide Web. The article is intended to help the consumers to relate how the WWW has impacted the global marketing industry due to the new cybernetics incorporated to the current

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