Hyperglytinemia And Hypoglycemia

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Every organ has its own function to ensure homeostasis, or a stable environment inside of the body. Sometimes these organs do not work properly, or are harmed, and therefore cause a disruption in the well being of the person’s homeostasis. Examples could be: liver failure, stroke, heart attack or even type one diabetes. An unaffected pancreas, according to Johns Hopkins (2016), has two different functions. The first function is called the exocrine and it releases enzymes into ducts that eventually reach the small intestine (Johns Hopkins, 2016). When the enzymes reach the small intestine the exocrine cells are released and they help break down food. The second function is the endocrine and it regulates blood glucose levels (Johns Hopkins, 2016). …show more content…
Many diabetics count their carbs so that they know the amount of glucose that will be in their bloodstream after they eat. Just like earlier mentioned, there are normal blood sugar levels, hyperglycemia, and hypoglycemia (USNLM, 2016). Hyperglycemia, is when there is a lot of glucose in the blood, and hypoglycemia is when there is little glucose in the blood. Ideally, a person would want to stay in between these two as often as possible. The way that diabetics regulate this is by either eating more when they’re hypoglycemic or putting insulin into their body when they’re hyperglycemic. There are two ways that they can put insulin in their body: an insulin pump or shots (ADA, 2016). They are the same idea essentially, in that the diabetic uses a needle and injects insulin into a range of places in their body. They can put it in their butt, stomach, arm, thigh and so on. The difference of a pump rather than the shot is that the person does not need to keep applying shots into themselves for days. The insulin is rushed in through a site and it works just as well as the shot. Diabetics can often struggle with their blood glucose level but after they, and their families, learn the signs, T1D is usually somewhat easy to

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