Huron Breede Case Study

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Training and Development On terms of training and development, Huron Breeze does different types of training according to the job positions at hand. Huron Breeze works mostly with on the job training as do most golf facilities across the U.S. For most of their outside operations, they train them by having an experienced individual that is working with them to make sure they are doing the right procedures when welcoming customers and helping them with any needs they bring about. The facility also implements performance appraisals that help them employee know exactly what they 're doing right and what they 're doing wrong and why. Huron Breeze currently does not have any interns at the facility but are currently looking for them to help them …show more content…
We found out that there are approximately twenty full time employees and twenty part-time employees for the staff. This is a good amount of employees for an establishment of its size. Having three people having Managerial roles for forty staff members might be a little light. I think taking one or two more employees that work full time for outside staff should be promoted to outside managers to help the inside managers keep an eye on the staff outside. Having three managers to be in charge of the forty plus staff members and the whole operation in general is an issue that should be looked at further. If we were to increase the manager roles by two people, that will free up more time for the managers to work on increasing the income for the club so they can increase the staff members they have so the guests have a better …show more content…
Given the results of some of the different metrics it is important to note that not all functions of the operation are running smoothly. Staffing of Huron Breeze is similar to that of most country clubs or golf facilities today. Each employee must understand the developmental side of what it takes to be an expert at customer service. As a service oriented business, with the recreational activity of golf being at the heart, employees must be knowledgeable of the game of golf. Training and development of a quality service team requires a basic structured and instructional packet of some sorts to fill new hires in with most of the on-the-job specific knowledge.
The responsibility of the Assistant Professional is to work with the scheduling of employees. As stated in the prior results and analysis, this system has been working for a number of years now since the facilities opening. Scheduling of employees is an all important job that upon our research and findings, believe is a success at Huron Breeze. The continuation of the scheduling process will be the goal and opening up the floor for employee input is important and should always be considered as much as possible. The team dynamic of Huron Breeze can continue to be strong and can always be improved upon as

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