Essay about Hunters Should Hunt For Food, Not Just For The Thrill Of It

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Hunters should hunt for food, not just for the thrill of it. The number of animals in the world has declined by 95 percent in the last century. Some hunters kill just for fun. Hunting for fun is different than hunting for food. If a person is doing it for fun it is just killing an animal that did not do anything to them. Some animals that are extinct are tigers, rare leopards, deer, and a lot of other animals . Hunting just for trophies is wrong. when you hunt you should hunt for food, not just for the trophies or money. There needs to be more protection of endangered animals in Africa from foreign hunters.
There was a lion named Cecil. He was a very famous lion and he was also extinct.
Cecil was killed by a dentist named Walter Palmer. He was 13 years old when he was killed. Walter Palmer killed him with a rifle. He had a hunting permit and did not know that Cecil was endangered and he was not charged with any crime, but he still had to pay a big fee for killing him. Trophy hunters kill thousands of wild animals. they choose to kill the rarest and biggest animals that they find. Rich trophy hunters pay a lot of money to local cash strapped governments for permits that give them a choice of what animal to kill. Black bears, Zebras, giraffes, and baboons are endangered, such as elephants, leopards and white rhinos (Brashares, Justin).
Trophy hunters do not really care about conservation, the struggle for survival of many animals. What hunters really care about is killing…

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