Hunger Of Memory Assessment By Richard Rodriguez Essays

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Hunger of Memory Assessment
1. The author of the novel is Richard Rodriguez. Richard was born to Mexican immigrant parents and grew up in Sacramento, California. He primarily spoke Spanish until the start of his formal education. Once Rodriguez was forced to speak English, his life was irrevocably changed. Unlike most Mexican-Americans during the 1950’s, Rodriguez did not live in a barrio – a Mexican neighborhood – but instead lived in a primarily white area of the city. Rodriguez’s autobiography Hunger of Memory details his education and childhood in relation to the national movements of affirmative action and bilingual education. Rodriguez’s schooling has given him the opportunities to study at respected universities like Stanford, and study abroad in London. Rodriguez’s unusual upbringing has allowed him to form strong, and possibly unpopular, opinions on affirmative action and bilingual education.

2. “The Achievement of Desire” The subject of this essay is Rodriguez’s education and his role as a “scholarship boy” in his society. Rodriguez spent most of his formal education reading books, memorizing facts, and becoming more and more distant from his family and classmates. According to Rodriguez, a “scholarship boy” is one who was “always successful…always unconfident. Exhilarated by [their] progress” (46). Rodriguez played the part of a student who works alone and separates his success in the classroom and his family life. Rodriguez chose a side to focus his attention…

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