Essay about Hunger Is A Complicated Motivation

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Hunger is a complicated motivation; people don’t eat only because they need food. However, the answer to "why do we feel famished?" appears to be very clear. It is because we need to get nutrients to live. Hunger is the incentive for us to be able to know that we need to get the nutrients in our system. But how do we truly know that we are hungry? Thus, the motivation for hunger goes beyond simple nourishment. The answer can be analyzed by three different components: biological, cultural, and environmental. When your stomach feels full, you probably do not feel hungry and when your stomach is empty, you possibly obtain the need to eat. Researchers used to consider that the sensation of hunger comes from our stomach. To test the concept out, they made a subject swallow a balloon and inflated the balloon inside his abdominal. The subject felt full for a while. However, after a few hours, he began to feel hungry again (even with the full stomach). The subject showed us that hunger does not come just from our stomach. In truth, most of the natural feelings of hunger comes from the brain in a structure called the hypothalamus. There are two regions on the hypothalamus that control hunger. Firstly, there is the lateral hypothalamus that, if aroused, causes you to feel hunger. So every time you feel hungry, you know your lateral hypothalamus is functioning. If I took a switchblade and lesioned your lateral hypothalamus, you would never again feel hungry from a physical…

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