Hunger Games By Gobind Sekhon

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Paragraph 1 - Gobind Sekhon
Provide a detailed plot summary that highlights the economic aspects of your chosen story. Word Limit - 300 words.
The story is about a futuristic world where the “Capitol” of “Panem” forces the 12 districts it controls to send 2 people, “tributes”, to the “hunger games”. These games are a fight to the death and the winning district wins money, food, supplies, etc. This is because the districts are very poor and by winning the games they can bring prosperity to their district for a while. The Capitol is very strict and will kill anyone who betrays orders. This a prime example of a command economy where the Capitol is in charge of everything that the districts do. They control the markets where the people trade.
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Katniss, the protagonist also known as the narrator, she would rather sell the food in return for cash. The cash is bigger for her since she could provide for her family through a house for shelter and other resources. The other main character is Peeta Mellark who prefers to give his food to Katniss since he adores and loves her. He would give up anything even food, shelter and weapons to protect Katniss. These resources are important for Katniss and Peeta since they not are only significant for survival, although, assists throughout the hunger games. The consumers are the citizens of the capital. The capital residents are the wealthy and powerful that live in luxury lifestyle than people in the districts. The things people need are the basic essentials of survival, which includes food, water and shelter. The residents want are eating extremely expensive food, such as bread rolls shaped like flowers and oranges served with a sauce. Furthermore, they live in large, expensive apartments throughout the capital, which isn't necessary, but the citizens want to. They enjoy amusement and with The Hunger Games it’s a sporting event and a highly anticipated source of entertainment. Supplies are quite important to Katniss and Peeta considering throughout the movie they face a brutal competition, which took place annually in the country of Panem. Many of the tributes are left with limited or no items they wanted from the …show more content…
What decision did they make and how does that choice impact the economy. What were the explicit monetary costs and intangible or non-monetary costs? Explain the opportunity cost of the decision

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