Humor And The Physician Patient Encounter Essay

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The article¬–“Humor In The Physician-Patient Encounter”–features three Medical Doctors. Board certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology with a specialty in hepatology and clinical nutrition, Dr. Jeffery T. Emeritus Professor of Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University, Dr. Jack Coulehan. Lastly, the final member of the Trinity in the Archives of Internal Medicine, Associate Professor in Medical Education-Medical Humanities and Bioethics at Stony Brook University, Dr. Catherine Belling. The authors hone in on gallows humor in relation to the physician-patient encounter. They illustrate that doctors face a myriad of physically and emotionally taxing situations in their training to become a physician. This surplus of stress coupled with extremely heavy schedules engenders the use of gallows humor in efforts of escaping the stressors and negative aspects of practicing medicine. Gallows humor can lead to the objectification and exclusion of patients in medical practice while uniting members of the medical community with a common sense of sick wit and perverse humor. Furthermore, while this connection bodes well for the doctors, the same cannot always be said for the patient’s therapy. Thus, it is imperative that the physician and the patient work together, even in the aspects of humor, to cope with stressors. Humor plays an significant role in the clinical physician-patient relationship. Humor, in this situation, can foster better communication, improve…

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