Humans And Baboons Are Being A Mental Person Essay

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In the video, the professor uses baboons to be an example which explaining baboons will change their behavior when they get stressed from the environment. Stress will lead baboons which loses their telomere. When baboons are losing telomere on their DNA, it will be hard for them to keep a healthy life and control their emotion. Furthermore, I think that humans and baboons are akin since they have the same psychological and behavior. For example, if humans get environment pressure and stress from their daily life, humans will make an adjustment to change their behavior and cope with the stress. In addition, humans have the same problem just like a baboon that is losing telomere on DNA while they are putting up with the stress. It causes that humans get headaches and become a mental person. For this reason, I do think that humans need to learn thing from the baboon since humans and baboons have similar behavior for cope with the environment stress.
Humans and baboons are also used self-actualization for finding and getting the basic physiological need, social need, aesthetic need, and cognitive needs. Baboons get the physiological need, social need and cognitive need from the forest. For example, baboons find enough food for their families or themselves, finds a safe place to live, and finds clean water to drink. In addition, humans get basic self-actualization from their daily life, for example, friends, food, and family. However, if they are in the lower level…

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