Essay on Humanitarian Supply Chain

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. Literature Review

1. Risk Management in Humanitarian Relief Operations

2. Commercial Supply chain and Humanitarian Supply Chain – A Comparative Study

4. Case Study

1. The Yogyakarta Earthquake – Humanitarian Relief Operations through IFRC’s Decentralized Supply Chain.

5. Areas to focus for Future Research

1. Sourcing and Supplier Management

2. Performance Management

3. Transportation, Model Choice and Routing

4. Distribution Planning

6. Conclusion

7. References

1. Executive Summary

The reported number of disasters has
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The following part of the report explains about the framework of risk management in humanitarian supply chain.

When a natural disaster happens it affects the local region, and hence it affect the local people, transport and communication. This is one form of organisational risk source (Sheu 2006). The complicating organisational conditions are the risk sources that are related to the environment which has a high influence on humanitarian supply chain (Van Wassenhove 2006). Some of the other risk sources are manmade. Manmade risk sources are those which have an impact in not allowing performing. When it comes to collaboration it is important to have proper communication in order to avoid certain problem among the supply chains during relief operations.

The humanitarian supply chain differs from business logistics. The business logistics work for their profit where in the HSC work for the people and disaster that happened. There may be possibilities in losing life during the relief operation. This is one of the risk consequences (Kovacs and Spens 2007).

Any HSC (Humanitarian Supply Chain) should be willing to work globally since disaster can happen anywhere. They cannot avoid any global partners (Maon et al, 2009). It is necessary to control their inventory stock as per the unknown demand. Many organisations fail in handling their inventory (Balcik and Beamon, 2008). As

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