Humanitarian Intervention And Human Rights Violations Essay

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Humanitarian intervention has come to describe the use of military force by states or international organizations in response to humanitarian crises and human rights violations such as genocides, ethnic cleansings, etc. In recent times, particularly after the Cold War, there have been several instances of humanitarian intervention including Kosovo, Libya, and most recently Syria. There are a variety of opinions on the issue of humanitarian intervention. Proponents see it as an effective way to end human rights violations while its opponents view it as a pretext for continued military action and war, devoid of legality and justification while also neglecting the sovereignty of nations.
The concept of sovereignty is a major issue in the carrying out of humanitarian intervention. A sovereign state, particularly in the Westphalian tradition, has supreme authority over its territory, its people and its relations with other states and prevents other sovereign states from interfering with this authority. The perceived importance of sovereignty raises questions about humanitarian intervention specifically legality, the ethics of military intervention, when it should occur and how effective it really is. What is the relationship between the humanitarian justification to protect and the interest of power politics to interfere with the sovereign rights of states? What chances and risks are implied in the concept of humanitarian intervention?
In this work, I will for argue that a…

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