Government Intervention In Rwanda Genocide

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When genocide breaks loose, the international community is expected to intervene.

Thesis: The U.S. is guilty of the three counts for the following reasons.

Paragraph 1:

Count 1: Failure to properly define and label the conflicts in Rwanda, (1994 -800,000 killed), and Bosnia (1992- 1995 – 200,000 killed) as genocide;
In a US intelligence report on April 22, 1994, it states that, “DF went on to charge that the systematic campaign by the Rwandan armed forces to eliminate the Tutsi constitutes genocide, citing radio broadcasts urging Hutus to take up arms so that “your children
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This Discussion Paper shows how the United States actively avoided the term Genocide in speeches and other public instances in order to avoid legal obligation to intervene in what they knew was genocide.

Paragraph 2:

Count 2: Failure to intervene and stop genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, and Bosnia;

DOCUMENT 31 “ The international community must give highest priority to full and orderly withdrawal of all UNAMIR personnel as soon as possible…We will oppose any effort at this time to preserve a UNAMIR presence in Rwanda…Our opposition to retaining a UNAMIR presence in Rwanda is firm. It is based on our conviction that the Security Council has an obligation to ensure that peacekeeping operations are viable, that they are capable of fulfilling their mandates, and that UN peacekeeping personnel are not place or retained, knowingly, in an untenable situation.” --US Secretary of State Warren Christopher, April 15 1994
- This document shows that the US failed to successfully intervene in Rwanda
- They pulled out all troops, leaving Tutsis hopeless for
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In 1948, the US signed the genocide convention, making them legally obligated to intervene in any form of genocide that occurred. The convention states, “The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.” The US was aware of the genocide that occurred in Rwanda yet refused to intervene. The ICTR and Gacaca courts were flawed justice system and failed to successfully punish those who participated in the genocide. Their ability to The United states

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