Essay on Human Trafficking : Modern Day Slavery

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Thesis Statement: Human trafficking should be categorized as a form of modern-day slavery.
I. One reason that human trafficking should be considered modern-day slavery is that it is a human rights violation against women and children all around the world.
A. In the article, "Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery in the 21st Century”, the author Shadan Mohajerin elaborates on how human trafficking is a human rights problem and a hazardous concern for women and children around the world. Mohajerin goes on to specifically state that “The United Nations estimates that up to four million women and children become victims of human trafficking every year both domestically and internationally” (126).
1. Shadan Mohajerin is trying to say that due to poverty and cruelty, trafficking has become both a national and international problem. Women and children should never be subjected to cruel conditions and forced labor. People who downplay this problem need to be more aware about human trafficking because this type of slavery occurs in many nations around the globe.
B. In Doreen Marchionni’s article “International human trafficking: An agenda-building analysis of the US and British press,” the author states that “women and girls [are] sold into domestic slavery for middle-class families. Children [are] sold to work as slaves in fields in an ever-increasing globalized economy that demands cheap labor” (146).
1. The author is using statistics to point out that women and children are being…

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