Human Trafficking Emphasis

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Emphasis on Human Trafficking in the US
Human trafficking is often the term used when talking about modern day slavery, the third largest global criminal enterprise (Tully,1). Around the word there are over 20 million people being trafficked, with the average age being 13. Slavery was made illegal during the civil war era, when the emancipation proclamation was signed in 1863, and America has been working it’s way to a better future by putting this time in the past. The fact is, although slavery was made illegal, it’s practice was still continued and eventually evolved into the modern sense it has become today. Collectively, countries have put laws in place to try and stop the trafficking epidemic from becoming more of a problem, but there
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The United States isn’t exempt from Human Trafficking, but seeing that it is a stable first world country, with the laws in place, and a conscious effort made by the people, the problem should decline rather than increase as it is. Defined by the United Nations, human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons by means of deception, the abuse of power or position of authority for the purpose of exploitation, in the forms of exploitation, forced labor or similar practices of slavery (UN General Assembly, 2). Often Women are sought out for sexual exploitation, and men used for forced labor. By the definition, a person with any intent of trafficking, is still committing the act of Human Trafficking. Once defined Human trafficking is then broken down into 3 different elements, The Act, The Means, and The Purpose. The Act referring to the physical aspect of the recruitment or transfer of people. The Means refers to how it is done, by what means was the harbouring and/ or transfer. The Purpose defines why it is done, for what purpose of exploitation, sexual, forced labor …show more content…
The large increase in trafficking across the United Kingdom caused legislature to create at law that criminalized any trafficking within the United Kingdom, into the United Kingdom, and criminalized those with the intent of exploitation of an individual out of the United Kingdom (Chaudary, 81). Since 2005, the United Kingdom saw a sharp increase of children being trafficked into pickpocketing. After the increase in forced labor, Human Trafficking became a priority for the United Kingdom to create efficient legislature against it, especially towards child labor. As a result, the European Convention Of Human Rights came into effect, and the victim 's safety was made a priority in law enforcement, and legislature (Chaudary, 93). Their laws were divided up into three separate terms, the first providing residence permits to non european citizens to investigate their cases. Next, they created a legislative instrument that is specifically designed to protect the victims within the cases and during hearings. The Last law the European Convention created in this this tri-part legislative bill was criminal law framework, broken down into terms of intense criminal investigation and prosecution of those responsible for human trafficking (Chaudary, 98). The US has made efforts to combat human trafficking, but not in the ways other countries have put the full effort

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