Human Trafficking And The United States Essay

1796 Words Mar 31st, 2016 null Page
Most people are asking what is human trafficking. Human Trafficking is where people sell other people for sex. It is happening all over the United States. Every year thousands of men, women and kids end up in the hands of human traffickers. You will not just find human trafficking in the United States; it is in every country around the world. Human Trafficking is like today 's slavery, people are getting sold to have sex and people are watching it happen and doing nothing about it. Human Trafficking is mostly happening in countries that are already developed. Lots of Americans are involved daily in human trafficking and it goes undetected because people aren’t informed about it. There are 2.4 million people across the world involved in human trafficking. On the 27th of March, 2016 trafficking gangs were routing different ways to ship their migrants so that they wouldn’t get caught. For the past several weeks they have been coming up with alternative routes so they wouldn’t be stopped. The gang 's in Europe are planning on shipping the migrants to Italy the first week in April. “They would reportedly use small cargo vessels and fishing ships to ferry their customers from the seaside resort of Antalya in Turkey, the Turkish city of Mersin near the Syrian border, and the Greek capital, Athens.”(Report) Human Trafficking is also known as sex trafficking. Sex trafficing is where people are sold for sex all around world. Some of the traffickers are even starving…

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