Essay on Human Trafficking And International Human Smuggling

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International human trafficking and international human smuggling affect the most poverty-stricken civilizations around the world. With false promises such as a better job and other exceptional opportunities elsewhere, people are lured into what is known as modern day slavery. Millions of people are forced into labor as a result of this trafficking. There are many non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental organizations that have been hard at work trying to put a stop to the multibillion dollar industries within multiple countries.

The United Nations, an intergovernmental organization, have created their own protocol to suppress and punish the criminal act, called the Trafficking Protocol. They United Nations as a whole recognized that response was needed in a global scale. The definition provided by the United Nations describes certain elements requiring to be present when the act is committed in order to discipline the suspects. The Protocol disregards all consent the victim might have given to the trafficker if it was misleading. The Trafficking Protocol also excludes all possibility of a person under the age of 18 giving consent. The United Nations target the primary stages of the trafficking process in order to end it.

Another protocol was what created was the protocol against the smuggling of migrants by land, sea, and air. This would supplement the United Nations convention against transnational organized crimes. One general purpose of this protocol…

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