Human Sexuality Is An Area Of Great Interest For Scientists Essay

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During the early stages of foetal development, differentiation of sexual organs begins. When a male foetus is developing, a cascading of genes, beginning with the sex determining gene (the SRY) on the Y-chromosome, causes the foetal gonads to develop; whereas female development depends on an absence of androgens (Bao & Swaab, 2011). Once the process of differentiation of sexual organs is complete, sexual differentiation of the developing brain commences by the permanent organising effects of sex hormones. During puberty, the brain circuits that were organised in the womb are activated by the release of sex hormones (Bao & Swaab, 2011). Human sexuality is an area of great interest for scientists, and a substantial amount of research has been dedicated to the subject. Paralleled to heterosexuality, homosexuality was once considered atypical, and the implication has been made that the genetic and psychological factors attributing to deviation from the ‘norm’ should affect only a small percentage of the population (Santtila, et al. 2008). However, Rice, Friberg & Gavrilets (2012) more recently explained the prevalence of homosexuality with a concurrence of about 8 percent of participants in a large systematic sample in Australia. Bogaert (2003) describes sexual orientation as a fundamental aspect of human variability and research on this matter as an important pursuit for scientists in the areas of personality and individual difference. He also terms sexual…

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