Human Service Workers Can Break Through Language Barriers Essay

1043 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 null Page
"Culture is cultured in a person right from birth and so certain qualities develop in him from that time. The key to cross cultural communication is you should develop a basic understanding in the cultural differences between you and the other speaker". Human service workers can break through language barriers by speaking unhurriedly and unmistakably; making sure they pronounce their words so they can be understood. The worker needs to keep in mind that each culture thinks that their culture is essentially greater than any other culture.
“Culturally competent organizations integrate cultural knowledge into every facet of what they do.” Helping children and families thrive in a diverse society must include supporting them in developing their own cultural competency.” This will help from causing miscommunication and the workers won 't have to start over, saving time. They need to make sure they understood what was being said and the other person comprehends them clearly. Active talking with individuals of diverse nations is chiefly perplexing. Beliefs of other people have different methods how people think things through. They look at things, listen, and even have a different way of understanding than social workers may have. Other cultures may have one word that means many different things. Human service workers need particular abilities to help them be able to talk with people of different cultures because they can 't understand each other. They need to figure out a way to…

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