Human Rights And Social Justice Essay

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Principles of human rights and social justice are fundamental to the social work profession and we understand that the denial of such rights is a form of structural abuse. So global social workers are always concerned with human rights and social justice because it is engrained on our values and principles, and when we engage in development practice, we seek to eradicate conditions that oppress and destroy the lives of those who are vulnerable locally, nationally, and internationally. So development practice bridges how our partners perceive their needs within desired structures. This means we must embrace their experiences, their vision, desires, and choices. This is critical because we cannot impose our Westernized value system on others. Global social workers also have to understand that social work does not always function properly. The history of social work is rooted in the discriminatory practices of colonialism and imperialism. From an economic standpoint, free markets, globalization and deregulation have influenced systemic behaviors among women and children. Globalization has produced opposite social work values of human rights and social justice. From an economic standpoint, China’s economic system has taken on similar characteristics of the West. Therefore, globalization has done more harm than good for women and children in China and this exposes them to greater vulnerabilities. So when we deal with Chinese women and children, we must use the proper…

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