Human Resources : An Organization Essay

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Human resource is one of the competitive advantages among the production resources of the organizations. As such this is the only resource that has the ability to gain knowledge, skills, and get motivated. This is the only resource that has the capacity to get enhance their abilities (under right conditions) with the procurement of knowledge and experience for the betterment of an organization. It is therefore regarded as the scarcest and most crucial productive resource that creates the largest and longest lasting advantage for an organization. Human resource is the least mobile of the factors of production, which are operated in an organization. They makes possible for an organization to utilize the other physical resources (land, machinery, material) to the extent of effective and efficient utilization. Here, efficiency is regarding the direct relationship between inputs and outputs. If the production is either more from the given inputs or same from the less inputs states the increased efficiency. And effectiveness is regarding “Doing the right things”. Even for the best use of any machinery manpower is required to make it operate in an efficient manner.
Proper application of the skill and the will can do wonders:
 Human resources have the capacity to transform the lifeless factor of production into useful products.
 They are capable to do multiplicity in output i.e., produce an output that is greater than the sum of inputs.
 They are the only resources who can help…

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