Importance Of Human Resource Department

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Significance of Human Resource Department
This report illustrates in detail the core reasons why the Human Resource Department is critical to the overall productivity of the organization. It provides clear-cut points why the organization needs to reexamine its position on the department, that is, its plan to slim the section or close it entirely. This account addresses the relevance of this segment in any corporation, provides a detailed account of three key HR activities, and demonstrates three ways HR professionals support line managers and their staff. It also provides a conclusion as well as recommendation.
General Overview of the Importance of Human Resource Department
HR section performs a variety of tasks that are essential to the success
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It is good to note that a company’s success is pegged on the type of workers it staffs (Mankin 2010, p. 34). In fact, this is the distinguishing factor between successful companies and average enterprises. Skilled personnel will easily conform to the corporation’s goals hence maximizing possibilities of increased profits. HR managers aid in aspects such as writing job descriptions, proposing pay for workers, and grouping members to departments according to their abilities. Moreover, they give recommendations on the appropriate candidates for interview. Without this division, the company exposes itself to manifold risks such as overstaffing or …show more content…
It ensures that all members possess the dexterities necessary for the attainment of the corporation’s objectives. It achieves this by ascertaining the training demands of each staff, designing and implementing appropriate curriculums for them, and evaluating the effectiveness of such programs. Trained personnel are very efficient in the context that they execute their duties swiftly, professionally, and with minimal supervision. Training is paramount because of the ever-changing trends in the business world. For instance, unlike the past, technology is rapidly changing at a supersonic speed hence necessitating training. In view of the previously mentioned, it comes out clear that workers need constant training for them to be relevant in the company.
HR professionals are instrumental in ensuring that the working environment is healthy and safe for the workers. This reduces or eliminates likelihoods of poor performance in addition to increasing customer satisfaction. A company can be sued if found guilty of exposing its employees to environments that are detriment to their health. Such lawsuits can negatively affect the firm in relation to profits accumulated. The HR division ensures such instances are eliminated hence assisting the company move closer or attain its

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