Human Resource Management : A Career Field Designed Specifically For Maximizing The Functions Of An Organization

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Human Resources (HR) is a career field designed specifically for maximizing the functions of an organization. Planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling are all primary functions that HR ought to exhibit. Within these functions are competencies that corporations scout out while interviewing for an administrative opening. The most common competencies include; talent managers/organizational designers; culture and change stewards; strategy architect; operational executors; business allies; and credible activists. “The skills of a company’s HR professionals account for 20 percent of its business results and increasingly are becoming part of an organizations competitive edge” (Gurchiek, Kathy). A career in Human Resource Management requires a certain level of certification along with a four year college degree. The required exam generated by the Society for Human Resource Management’s Human Resource Certification Institute tests the mastery skills that include all characteristics of a proficient HR manager (Dessler, Gary). These characteristics include; health along with safety standards, moral codes, compensation, evolution, staffing, labor relations, and managing (Dessler, Gary). Knowledge, skills, and competencies must be present in order to be a productive manager. Truth is that it is imperative that all human resource managers manifest organization capabilities, retain relationships, as well as work efficiently as an operational executor and business ally.…

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