Human Resource Department Of Stark Inc. Essay

1136 Words May 4th, 2015 null Page
I’m the VP of human resource department of Stark Inc., a medium-sized paper company. I have taken this position over from the last VP only to find out that there are two major challenges. First, the level of employee relation and engagement is not as efficient as it should be. The focus of employee relation and engagement is moving from ‘collective institution, such as unions, to relations with employees directly. However, the trade union in the paper business remain strong and hard to communicate with. There is a general convention in any work environment that positive physiological contracts yield better economical benefits and strengthen employees satisfaction for better engagement performance. I will focus the effort to tackle this challenge by acquiring the communication right including concentrating on positive behaviors and outcome, using a problem-solving approach, anticipating problems that might occur or have occurred before, recommending solution and being able to deliver solid advice to different C-Level managers. Furthermore, our efforts should also focus on surveying employees and study their attitudes. I should set policies that fit the characteristics of both employees and the work place. I have prepared an action plan to overcome this challenge by tapping on these areas: utilize the maximum amount of possible collaborative events with unions. Instead of attending once every 6 months, we should arrange and attend and event at least once every 3 months.

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