Essay on Human Nature Is Good Or Evil?

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Human Nature
Are humans born good or evil? This is a question that there are many different answers to. Confucians, the founder of Confucianism, the official state religion of China for nearly two thousand years, had his own answer to this question, but it provided a somewhat vague explanation. Since his answer was very vague and indirect, Confucians were split on the question of human nature. Some like Mencius believed that humans are born good, and with the proper training, can become perfect. Others like Hsun Tzu had the belief that humans were inherently evil, but with strict discipline, they could be good, despite their natural inclinations.
I think Mencius in “Man’s Nature Is Good’ makes a very convincing argument for his belief on this question. In Mencius’s view, “humans are inherently good” (79). Mencius believed that people who are left to their original nature or that follow their gut feelings are able to do good. I agree that we are inherently good and that we are born with the knowledge of right and wrong. Think about it in terms of a child, they come into this world innocent, kind, and loving. I do believe that even if human nature is good in the beginning, we still have a potential to become evil.
However, Tzu disagrees when he writes, “It is the way with man 's nature that as soon as he is born he beings to depart from his original naiveté and simplicity, and, therefore, he must inevitably lose what Mencius regards as his original nature. It is obvious from…

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