Human Nature Is Good Or Evil Essay

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Mankind 's Nature

Many ponder on the idea whether mankind 's human nature is inherently good or evil. With philosophers and theorist having had devised theories to prove their thoughts and opinions over this matter, human nature in regards to being innately good or evil, is still up for debate. Two famous Chinese philosophers from 300 B.C.E., Meng Tzu and Hsun Tzu, proposed two distinct ideas pertaining to mankind 's human nature. Meng Tzu, in his excerpt "Man 's Nature is Good," drawn from chapter twenty-one from his work Meniscuis, argued that people are innately born as genuinely, good people who are capable of no harm. On the other hand, in Hzun Tzu 's essay "Man 's Nature is Evil," he argued that we are all essentially immoral, iniquitous beings who are wicked to the core. These two opposing thoughts of human nature essentially being good or evil, draw contrasting opinions. I ultimately agree with the idea that mankind 's human nature is evil and malicious. In drawing upon a scientific viewpoint from Charles Darwin, in his essay "From Natural Selection; or, the Survival of the Fittest," the biology behind human instincts and behaviors explained in Darwin 's essay, further helped solidify my opinion that human nature is evil. In Meng Tzu’s chapter “Man’s Nature is Good,” Meng proposes that man by nature, is a good person with good…

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