Human Nature Has A Dark And Violent Side Essay

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Human nature has a dark and violent side, which includes the female species. A new set of studies suggests it’s a “Mean Girls” world out there, and aggressive competition may be rooted deep in evolution. Women willing to duke it out, hence Jerry Springer’s career fascinates humans. We love when women who go ballistic and throw chairs at female enemies. However, we also tend to downgrade aggressive behavior in women, dismissing it as unusual.
Women of all ages have shown a side of them that is very aggressive. Yet aggression, and in particular aggressive competition for mates, has long been viewed as the area where males dominate. Females have their own agendas, and their competition with one another can be no less fierce.
Female antelopes head-butt in fights over males much like rams do, and female chimps sometimes kill each other’s newborns. However, only after the sexual revolution of the 1970s did the phrase “competition among females” come along. Females compete, and offer evolutionary explanations of behaviors ranging from maternal aggression to spreading rumors about sexual promiscuity. “Human females have a particular tendency for using indirect aggression, which is typically directed at other females, especially attractive and sexually available females,” writes Tracy Vaillancourt of the University of Ottawa in Canada. This indirect aggression includes criticizing a rival’s appearance, social exclusion and rumors. These kinds of behaviors are what people usually…

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