Human Immune System And Autoimmunity Essay

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The Human immune system and Autoimmunity
The human immune system is a true strong-hold and defender, which response firmly and swiftly to attacks from foreign invaders. It has the ability to manipulate change in order to optimize the response and quarantine many of the unwanted intrusions. The Human immune system has many purposes. They include, defending the body against infectious microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria and viruses-by destroying and resisting them. The Human immune system is compromised of multiplex and crucial cellular networks and organs that defend against infection. Most of the time, it’s effects is very phenomenal, also conversely it can become compromised causing it to attack self-cells .In this essay we will assess the human immune system and how it relates to Autoimmunity.
The immune system defense the body mightily through complex steps called the immune response, which phagocytes organisms that porculates body first line of defense and cause disease. Cells, tissues, and organs work together to protect the body. Leukocytes or white blood cells are specialized in the immune defense, which destroys many foreign invaders. Leukocytes and their role
Leukocytes are lymphoid organs; hence being manufactured or accumulated in many organs such as the bone marrow, thymus and spleen. According to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, “the leukocytes circulate through the body between the…

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