Human Habitat Preservation, Wildlife Corridors, And Laws And Policies

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Before the first upcoming of human life there has been extinction,animals and other living things have developed, flourished, and vanished since the first flickerings of life. Through the process of evolution, more successful types of animals replace those that are less successful. Sooner or later, every species or kind of living thing dies out because it can’t keep up with the natural changes in its environment. In recent times, countless species have passed out of existence sooner than they would have naturally.The problem is that animals are going extinct faster that we thought and we are running out of time to save them. In order to solve this problem we need to improve habitat preservation, habitat restoration, anti-poaching measures, ex-situ conservation, wildlife corridors, and laws and policies. This is what we owe back to the animals of the world for making their lives harder to survive by changing their way of life, from global warming to abolishing forests to construct skyscrapers, to despicable energy resources. Some philosophers make strong arguments for this like and utilitarianism can be used in so many ways.
Now the greatest problems facing animals today are human activities that harm the environment in which humans and other animals depend. Although different human activities can threaten or endanger a species, the greatest problems occur because of habitat destruction. Habitat destruction can be caused from human activity who has made dramatic changes.…

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