Human Genome Essay

How does the human genome sequence and more specifically the individual genes affect our response to medicine? Before this question can be answered you must know understand what the genome and the gene is exactly and what it does. A gene is the basic physical and fundamental unit of heredity, made up of deoxyribonucleic acid that carries a certain set of genetic instructions. The human genome is estimated to have up to 25,000 genes, varying in size with some carrying a few hundred DNA bases, while others carry up to 2 million bases. Each of these genes contains a different set of genetic instructions from the DNA bases that will be used diversely towards the growth, development, functioning, and reproduction of all known living organisms. Imagine …show more content…
The field of pharmacogenomics has multiple benefits that if they can be achieved they will outweigh the risks. Pharmacogenetics is the key to advancing disease screening techniques. states that there are “Approximately 4 million babies are born each year. About 3 to 4% will be born with a genetic disease or major birth defect. Approximately 1% of all babies will be born with chromosomal abnormality, which can cause physical problems and mental retardation.” Knowing the entire genetic code could help people lessen or avoid the ravaging of a genetic disease. It will provide the opportunity for people to make the proper lifestyle choices to help with their diseases. They will be able to receive the proper medical care and treatment with little room for error. Another major benefit will be the improvement of vaccines as well as drug treatments. As previously stated advancements would take the guess work out of a doctor’s job allowing for the right drug administration on the first time. This will speed recovery and decrease the possibility of the patient having an adverse reaction. The medicines will also be much more powerful and effective with progression in this field of study. Drugs would be created based enzymes and proteins associated with DNA molecules. Resulting in drug discovery along with disease targeted drug therapies, that maximize drug effectiveness and reduces damage to surrounding cells. Leading to the development of genome personalized medicine for all individuals. Vaccine technology could benefit greatly from pharmacogenomics as well, producing vaccines with all the benefits and none of the risks. These vaccines will be able to activate the immune system without having the ability to cause infections. They will become less expensive and capable of carrying several

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