Human Genetic Engineering Essay

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Introduction What if you could design your child before it was even born? What if you could cut out any life threatening diseases, make sure that your child is not susceptible to smoking addictions or alcoholism, and then make your child genius? Would you? Are you asking yourself how this could be done? Have you ever considered human genetic engineering? What is Human Genetic Engineering? Lets start by looking at the cell and the source of heritable traits. We know that all organisms are made up by cells and that new cells can only spring from existing cells. Cell growth depends upon the production of new cells and within each cell exists DNA. DNA contains the hereditary instructions need for each organism to grow and …show more content…
Although this is not a bad idea, it could be taken way too far where it could possibly hurt the child, the parents, and other family members. This is also a moral and ethical consideration. There are many people who believe that it is not for us to play the role of God, or to decide what each person is going to look like. There has been a movie recently released called GATTACA that is all about whether it is right or wrong, and the effects genetic engineering could have on society. Don't forget the consequences of creating a new species. Won't isolations and prejudice then occur? What about the absence of genetic variation? When there are a lot of people out there with similar genetic make-ups, the threat of disease will increase. If it effects one person, won't the rest also be affected? The immune system is not able to withstand all the viruses and bacteria if there is no variety. The DNA strands are just too delicate and the idea of completely understanding and mapping out every single part of the strand can not be considered realistic. Because of that, there will always be holes, therefore making holes in our usage. In the words of Dr. Elena Gates of the University of California at San Francisco, "I would not like to announce that Mrs. Jones just gave birth to twins - and she's got two more in the freezer." So What Happens Now? I have presented some technical information and questions for the reader to ponder. Perhaps I have also exposed some

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