Human Development Essay

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Human development is a very interesting topic to study as well as becoming more knowledgeable about the many developmental stages in life. What makes it so unique is that each person develops differently in his or her own way. Studying each stage of human development made me more aware of certain things that may or may not occur around that time. After studying the different theories, I can now understand how I developed as a child many years ago. As I go through each discussion about the development throughout my childhood from a cognitive, physical, and emotional psychological point of view.

To begin with, the cognitive development in my childhood was somewhat similar in which to expect in a child. By this time my language began to expand
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I had always been a shy child growing up because of my development of “secure attachment” as an infant. Theorists John Bowbly described this as an emotional bond that an infant has with their caregiver to the point they do not want them leaving their presence whatsoever. I believe that my very strong bond between my mother and lead to the development of my shyness. There were times where I felt uncomfortable around strangers that I never met before. I would always be quiet and keep to myself until I warmed up to others. According to New York Longitudinal Study, researchers have identified three temperamental patterns that are common in children. I considered myself as both an “easy child” and “slow-to- warm up child” throughout my childhood based on reading the descriptions (170). Once I became comfortable in my surroundings, my personality began to show. I was always friendly, kind and respectful to others. I enjoyed socializing with my parents, family members and peers at school. There were also times when I became very anxious every year on the first day of school. This resulted in a lot of worrying and overthinking that raced through my head the entire day. On the other hand, my sensitive side was affected by my anxiety do to the amount of pressure I dealt with on the daily basis. My feelings would always get hurt so easily in situations that I would break down and cry. I believe that mixed emotions I dealt with as a child affected my psychological development in

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