Human Beings Are Morally Responsible For Their Actions Essay

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In most cases, it is easy to believe that a person is responsible for their actions. This is true even in circumstances where an individual has presumably no other choice. An individual can be held morally responsible even in the cases where there is only one option. Throughout this paper, I will discuss points supporting my thesis, reasons to believe it is valid, examples and counter-examples, strengths and weaknesses, and consequences of this being true. Human beings are morally responsible for their actions despite whether or not they can make choices freely. To begin if determinism is the case, then free will does not exist, although this would also imply that people are not responsible for their actions. By all of our actions, being predetermined it 's seemingly impossible to hold an individual accountable for their actions. Although in Frankfurt’s Alternate Possibilities and Moral Responsibility, he creates an example where a man is both undoubtedly morally responsible even when he had no other choice. He explains, “... whether he finally acts on his own or as a result of Black’s intervention, he performs the same action. He has no alternative but to do what Black wants him to do. If he does it on his own, however, his moral responsibility for doing it is not affected by the fact that Black was lurking in the background with sinister intent, since his intent never comes into play” (FRA p421). With no free will, there are still internal and external factors…

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