Human Beings Are An Independent And Responsible Member Of The Culture Before He Or She Dies

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Human beings are absolutely amazing. We as humans are, for the most part, very good at adapting quickly to the situations we are in. For example, a family from my church who has lived here in the United States for their entire lives just picked up and moved to Sierra Leone, Africa. Although difficult at times, they have been able to adapt to their new lifestyle fairly quickly. But when given circumstances such as population growth, innovation, natural events, and human events, can humans still adapt successfully? I believe wholeheartedly that a person can learn all that is necessary to be an independent and responsible member of the culture before he or she dies. The world changes extremely fast and it seems as more and more time goes on, the faster the world changes. For example, when looking at a technology timeline, a person can see that from 2400 BC to the year 1 AD, there were only three major technological inventions. From 1 AD to the current year of 2015 AD, there has been a total of about 134 major technological inventions. In about the same amount of time, there was a startling difference of the amount of technological inventions that happened during the two time spans. This is just one example of how the world seems to be changing faster and faster as time goes on. I believe that the speed at which inventions and discoveries are being made is because of the amount of information that humans know and understand. As time goes on, more information is being…

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